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Success with Mathematics

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Many students find the leap between school and university-level mathematics to be significantly greater than they expected. Success with Mathematics has been devised and written especially in order to help students bridge that gap. It offers clear, practical guidance from experienced teachers of mathematics in higher education on such key issues as:

• Getting ready
• Ways of studying
• Assessment
• Mathematical communication
• Learning by doing
• Using ICT when studying mathematics
• Using calculators
• Preparing for examinations and resources

After reading this book, students will find themselves much better prepared for the change in pace, rigour and abstraction they encounter in university mathematics. They will also find themselves able to broaden their learning strategies and improve their self-directed study skills. This book is essential reading for anyone following, or about to undertake, a degree in mathematics, or other degree courses with mathematical content.Heather Cooke is Academic Liaison Officer with the Centre for Mathematics Education at The Open University.

This book has been written by experienced Open University lecturers and tutors with a great deal of help from colleagues in other universities and from students. The tasks and advice offered here are based on considerable experience of working with adults, both young and mature, many of whom initially had limited self-study skills and low confidence in their ability to learn mathematics.

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